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Adecco launches AdFlu project to be prepared for H5N1

9 December 2009

Adecco launches AdFlu project to be prepared for H5N1.

Flu pandemics punctuate human history: H1N1 Spanish flu in 1918, Asian flu in 1957 and Hong Kong flu in 1968. Today the world is confronted with new risks front associated, for example, with the H5N1 or A/H1N1 variants of the flu virus.


Classic seasonal flu “quietly” claims over 4500 victims every year in France, but H5N1 and A/H1N1 are potentially more virulent variants whose rapid spread, combined with the acceleration of human mobility, may give rise to a new pandemic.


In this case everybody will be paying particular attention to their health and that of their families, but due to its seriousness and the number of people affected, such a situation would also have major consequences for the organisation of companies, and could threaten their economic activity. In addition to three major prevention and preparation campaigns conducted by the Government since 2004, it is therefore very important for Adecco henceforward to consider “continuity” scenarios, that is all the resources that would enable the activity to continue its business and guarantee the working and safety conditions of those who will provide employment in such a difficult context.


Adecco’s entire project, known as AdFlu, a Project conceived of in 2007, is therefore a real corporate project which involves the responsibility of everyone. This plan brings together managers, staff representatives and salaried employees, whether temporary or not. It therefore provides for regular exchange and collaboration campaigns among customers, suppliers and the Administration.


The mainspring of Adecco’s plan is anticipation and calm, the only real solutions for protecting ourselves from the adverse effects of the occurrence of the Pandemic.


The purpose of this plan is to guarantee our capacity to create order out of disorder and coherence out of incoherence, since the normal methods will not work and Adecco will have to set an example in its crisis management, its capacity to protect its collaborators and assist its partners.                            


The three objectives of this plan are therefore:


  • To take care of our full time and temporary employees and protect them
  • To take care of our company and protect it      
  • To take care of our customers and help them to protect themselves.

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